Load bank 220VDC/1.000A

Loadbank 220V-1.000A

  • Loadbank can operate automatically in many modes: Constant current mode (CC), constant power (CP), Constant resistan mode (CR)…
  • Nominal voltage: 220VDC (max 300V)
  • Rated Current 1.000A (max 1.182A)
  • Used to test the capacity of DC power supplies with 220V voltage, 110V test current from 2A to 1.000A
  • Automatic loadbank 220V DC can be used to test and evaluate the capacity of 220VDC, 110V battery bank with a capacity of 20 AH to 10.000AH
    Electronic load 220VDC-1.000A is often used to test UPS battery bank in the telecommunications, electricity, oil and gas industries…
Tải giả 220VDC/1.000A
loadbank 220vdc discharge curent 1.000A
Batery bank 220VDC/ 5.800AH request 1.000A discharge 1.000A

The 220VDC -1.000A loadbank lines are manufactured by VIETPRO according to standards, all components we use are of European origin, Japan … meet industry standards for safety in operation and protection of equipment. at the highest level.

Loadbank can be used to check whether the DC 220V/1.000A power source meets the manufacturer’s specifications such as: Continuous operation time, voltage fluctuations allowed volts. DC, rated current (A) and maximum current declared by the manufacturer meet or not…

Loadbank is used to regularly check the battery pack 220VDC/10.000AH in use periodically to measure and evaluate the current capacity of the cells.

Loadbank VPR 220ABE1000 is frequently used in the discharge cycle to restore capacity and test 1.2V, 2V cells of baterry bank UPSs in hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, oil and gas rigs such as: : TRANSFOMER UPS, MERGENCY LIGHTING UPS POWER, FGD UPS SYSTEM, LP CO2 UPS SYSTEM, AC/DC UPS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, AC/DC UPS DISTRIBUTION…

List of specifications load bank VPR D220ABE1000 (220VDC/ 1.000A)
1Load bank product codeVPR D220ABE1000+ (1.000A)
2DescriptionDC load bank 220V/ 1.000A
4Nominal discharge current1.000A
5Nominal voltage220VDC
6Nominal power discharge220 kW
7Initial upgrade on the same moduleN/A
8Upgrade the system by expanding more moduleN/A
9auxiliary power supplyAuto volt 80~220VAC
10use main DC test source as auxiliary powerN/A
11Load bank typeAutomatic operation
12Automatic operationYes
13Built-in manual controlYes
14Operation modesCC, CP, CR, TL
15Move6 wheels combined with crane hook
16Material of cooling fanAluminum
17Size (mm)W1340 x H1080 x D1780
18Number of manual control switches≥13
19Number of automatic control switches24
20Computer connect portYes
21Download datasheet load bank 220VDC/̀1.000ALoad bank datasheet download